How to Jump Start a Car With a Dead Battery

Life comes at you fast: One day, you'll be running errands around town, and the next moment, your car will stop working when you need it most. All you'll need to safely jump start a car is work gloves, safely glasses, jumper cables, a car with a working battery, and possibly a wire brush.

Move the car with the working battery to the front of the car needing a jump, then turn off the lights and engine. Open the hood, and if you see corrosion on either battery, use the wire brush to clean the terminals. The jumper cables have two red and black ends. The two red go to the positive on each battery, starting with the charged battery. Then the black goes to negative on the good battery, followed by clamping the other black cable to a metal surface to ground it on the car needing a jump.

Start the working car, wait a few minutes, then try to start the other car. Once started, remove the cables in the opposite order. Our crew at Holler Hyundai in Winter Park, FL are here to inspect your charging system once you get the car jump started and replace your battery if necessary.

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