Have you scheduled your Hyundai oil change this spring?

We all go into this time of year with high hopes for taking care of a million spring cleaning tasks, and before long we're well into the season and we've only ticked one or two things off our to-do list! If you've been putting off some of our spring car care needs, now's the time to act and come in for an oil change.

Why Oil Changes Matter

Oil flows through the vehicle to lubricate the engine and other important components. Think of it as the lifeblood of your Hyundai. As the oil gets older it starts to pickup debris, gets gummy, and stops being as efficient. In most cases, skipping an oil change makes your engine work harder and can lower your fuel ratings. In worst case scenarios it can cause your engine too dangerously overheat and warp! Then you're in for expensive engine repairs that cost way more than the cost of even several years' worth of oil changes.

Even though the oil change is a basic service, we hope you understand its importance and why you should come in 1-2x a year (depending on your mileage - see your owner's manual) for an oil change with our certified Hyundai service technicians.

Scheduling Service

We know this is a busy time of year, so instead of calling our service center and hoping you don't get the answering machine, you can use our online service scheduler at your own convenience, even if we're closed. Just sign in as a saved user or guest, pick the services you need, leave any comments if necessary, and then choose the time and date that works with your schedule. We also suggest stopping by our service and parts specials page to see if you can save on your oil change appointment.

For more questions about getting an oil change for your Hyundai, contact our service center or swing in if you're close by.

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