Get Your Hyundai Battery Serviced Today, Here's Why!

Having your Hyundai battery serviced through our service center at Holler Hyundai is an important step to prevent corrosion and ensure the battery lasts as long as possible! The battery is one of the most important parts of any car and enables the Hyundai to function properly, so having it serviced and maintained is as essential as an oil change or tire rotation. Yet, many of us often forget this crucial step in the car-care process. If you have owned your new or used Hyundai for a little while now, it could be time for you to have the battery serviced as long-term neglect of these systems causes excess corrosion buildup and loss of power. Fortunately, we are here to help at Holler Hyundai, so all you have to do is schedule a service appointment and come see us here at Holler Hyundai.

Maintenance vs Replacement

Lots of factors can impact Hyundai battery life, such as how long you have owned the vehicle and indeed the climate around the area. Typically, batteries might not perform as well in colder weather, which is one area where Floridians are at an advantage throughout the year. However, with that said, the warmer climate can increase the chances of overheating and may increase the frequency with which your Hyundai's battery needs to be replaced or maintained. Some visible signs you can notice of battery maintenance could be:

  • The battery light on the dashboard
  • Engine stalling when cold cranking (morning vehicle startup)
  • Visible corrosion/discharge substance from top of battery
  • Corrosion/rust on battery cables

Let Us Help You!

These are some of the tell-tale signs that your battery might be getting on ion years and in need of replacement. However, your Hyundai owner's manual will have a better indicator of how frequently maintenance on your battery is needed. If you have any questions., of course, do not hesitate to contact our service center here at Holler Hyundai and have your Hyundai battery inspected for excess wear-and-tear. Our dealership and service center are located at 1150 North Orlando Avenue and we hope to hear from you soon!

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