Three Common Hyundai Dashboard Lights You Should Be Aware Of

Every driver's seen them. The ominous-looking lights on the dashboard that seem designed to make you panic that something horrible has gone wrong under the hood of your Hyundai and that it's now running on borrowed time. The reality of the lights on your dashboard is not nearly this dire, but it is important to know what they do so that you can accurately assess what is happening.

Supplemental Restraint System Warning Light

This light activates every time you turn on your Hyundai and remains on for about six seconds. Hence, there's no reason to think that something is wrong unless it doesn't turn off. If it doesn't, bring your car in to our service center and we can take a look.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is probably the most common light that everyone is afraid to see, but there's not always a reason to be concerned. No, your car is not a ticking time bomb, and in a lot of cases, the most frequent solution is something you can easily do yourself. The check engine light activates if your gas cap isn't screwed in all the way, which is something we drivers handle with frequency and aren't always paying attention to.

If it's not the gas cap, it could be anything from a worn-out spark to a malfunctioning ignition coil. Either way, it isn't catastrophic, and the issue can be fixed by bringing it into our service department.

Tire Pressure Light

This is another common light you will see activate throughout the duration of your ownership. Tire pressure, as you no doubt know, is important. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're about to suffer a blowout and start a fourteen car pileup or are driving on a flat. It's simply a warning that you have at least one tire that needs some extra air.

Questions? Lights On? See Us Today

We're happy to check out any light that appears on your dashboard. Don't hesitate to see us today.

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