Need A Battery Replacement? Holler Hyundai Service Center Can Help

Getting stranded with a dead battery is nothing you want to deal with, especially when bad weather hits or you're running late already. To reduce the risk of having this happen, we suggest keeping your battery in top shape, and if you suspect something is amiss, bring it to our Hyundai service center to get the top level of care that it deserves. We'll have you in and out in no time, and you can put your fears of facing a dead battery to rest.

The benefits to keeping up on your maintenance, including the battery replacement schedule, is that you don't need to worry about a costly tow in the event of a breakdown. If you have kids, the last thing you want is to be stuck on the road with them, and we don't want that to happen. Let us help you stay safe out there with the battery that stands the test of time for you.

Know the Signs of a Failing Battery

  • Slow to crank: if your vehicle takes a while to turn over when you try to start it, this could indicate a problem since it takes a lot of power from your battery to start your car
  • Electrical issues: Are things behaving strangely in your Ford truck? The battery might be the culprit, and you can tell if your wipers, radio, or lights act differently than normal.
  • Warning light: If your vehicle has this illuminated, that means trouble. Most often your vehicle's warning light will look like your car's battery.
  • Timing: Batteries typically are good for a few years, so if you don't recall the last time you've changed yours, or you purchased your used vehicle and want to ensure it's in the best shape, you can check to see if it's ready to be replaced for peace of mind.
  • Swelling or Corrosion: If you see that there's leaking, swelling, or corrosion on your battery or terminals, it's imperative that you bring your vehicle in to have it see by our specialists.

When you're ready to schedule your Hyundai battery replacement service, contact our team or use our handy online scheduler to get the job done fast 24/7. We don't want you to experience the disruption to your busy life by having your battery die unexpectedly, so be sure to speak with us soon regarding your concerns.

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