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Your Car Stops in Time Thanks to Your Brake Pads

Your brakes are one of the most critical systems on your vehicle. As such, they will also take quite a bit of abuse in the form of wear and tear. Components will have to be replaced, and when they do, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of how the system works as a whole.

When you step on the brake pedal, your brake fluid is forced through the system from the master cylinder. This causes the pistons in your calipers to compress. 

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How to Jump Start a Car With a Dead Battery

Life comes at you fast: One day, you'll be running errands around town, and the next moment, your car will stop working when you need it most. All you'll need to safely jump start a car is work gloves, safely glasses, jumper cables, a car with a working battery, and possibly a wire brush.

Move the car with the working battery to the front of the car needing a jump, then turn off the lights and engine. Open the hood, and if you see corrosion on either battery, use the wire brush to clean the terminals. 

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The Importance of a Wheel Alignment for Your Vehicle

If you’ve noticed that your vehicle doesn’t stay straight or pulls to one side while driving in Winter Park, FL, then it’s possible that your wheel alignment is out of specification. If your wheel alignment is out of specification, then your ability to maintain safety on the road is compromised. A wheel alignment helps to keep your vehicle driving straight and helps with handling control, especially at higher speeds. Often times, a wheel alignment that is out of specification can be very subtle that you might not even notice.

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Is a Spotty Fuse Holding Your Headlights Back?

The headlights on the car are important because they allow you to see at night and allow others to see you on the road. However, there are some issues that might arise with the headlights that need to be addressed.

If the fuse keeps blowing out for the bulbs, you can remove the bulb and plug in a different fuse. If it blows again, then…

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Dive into the Unique Advancements in the 2018 Hyundai Elantra

The 2018 Hyundai Elantra is the latest model in the market. It has advanced features that will serve all your needs including cargo capacity. The current Elantra's interior and exterior have exquisite updates that are worth your money. Comfort and safety features have also been upgraded to make the ride amazing.

The new Elantra has an efficient Hand-free Smart Trunk that automatically opens the car's trunk when it senses the presence of the key fob. The car also contains dynamic bending light to allow you to drive on curvy roads at night. 

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