Shopper Assurance

Car buying made simple.

The future of car buying, now available in the present.

We know buying a new car hasn’t always been as smooth a process as we’d all like. We hear you. So we’re happy to introduce Hyundai Shopper Assurance. Every step simplified for your convenience, including presenting online pricing right up front. It’s a whole new car buying experience designed to save you time and help make buying your new car as enjoyable as driving it.
Transparent Pricing

Knowing the price is always better than guessing the price.

We’ll start by listing our price up front and online, for new vehicles in our inventory. With our local pricing conveniently available, you can be confident in the price you’ll pay for your chosen vehicle. Transparent pricing upfront not only makes it easier to shop and compare, but allows you to make faster, better-informed decisions. You save time and you’re in control from the beginning.
Flexible Test Drive*

Test drives on your terms.

A test drive has never been more convenient. You can schedule this for any model in stock at our Hyundai dealership. Or, if you'd like to see how a new Hyundai fits your life or just how it looks in the driveway, let us bring the vehicle to your home or place of work. This can be especially convenient for parents at home with children, as well as those who would prefer their test drive on familiar roads. Whichever you prefer can simply be set up with Hyundai Drive*(1), online, or by calling.
Streamlined Purchase**

Less time buying your car, more time behind the wheel.

  • Calculate and see your exact monthly payments for a purchase or lease.
  • Know the value of your trade-in - if you have one.
  • Fill out your credit application.
  • Qualify for financing and, when you're ready, get your loan approved.
3 Day Worry-Free Exchange

We want to make sure you're happy.

We're sure you'll love your new Hyundai. But if for any reason, it isn't all you hoped, we want you to be happy. Holler Hyundai's 5-Day Money Back Guarantee turns potential second thoughts into peace of mind. You can return it within 5 days for the full value you paid. It's easier to be confident in your decision, knowing you're free to change your mind later.
Transparent Pricing
Flexible Test Drive
Test drive subject to dealer personnel and vehicle availability at a mutually agreed upon date and time.
Streamlined Purchase
Financing available for well-qualified buyers.
Holler Hyundai 5-Day Money Back Guarantee
Under the Holler Hyundai 5-Day Money Back Guarantee, a customer is guaranteed a full refund provided that: (1) the Hyundai vehicle is returned to the dealership where the vehicle was purchased or leased within five (5) business days from the date of purchase (with the five-day period being extended by one day if the final day of the five-day period falls on a day when the dealership is closed); (2) the customer returns the vehicle in "like new" condition (e.g., the entire automobile has not been in an accident and is free from modifications, dents, scratches, tears, breaks, cracks, stains, etc.); (3) the customer has driven the vehicle less than 300 miles from the date of purchase/lease. (4) the customer-purchased/leased vehicle is free from any outside lien. Customer acknowledges that if a trade-in vehicle is part of the payment for the new vehicle, their trade-in vehicle may not be available in the event they return the new vehicle. Customer further acknowledges their personal responsibility for the negative equity on their trade-in (calculated as the difference between the actual cash value of the trade-in and the amount owed on the loan).